Ventilation box with filtration : CVF

Ref. CVF
Caisson autonome de filtration - CVF

Fits all hazardous products storage cabinets.

The purified air is recycled in the room at 99.99%, which avoids the work of drilling walls or the laying of exhaust pipes.

Why choose the ventilation box with Cyltec filtration :

  • Complies with the specifications of standard NFX 15-211
  • A soundproofed ventilation box
  • Integrated ERLAB active charcoal filter
  • Adapts to all cabinet models
  • Made in France
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ready to use
  • CE standard
  • Front cap for possible efficiency control

Included in delivery :

  • Double fuse base
  • 2.5 meter power cord
  • A choice of ERLAB filter included :
  • AS for flammable liquids,
  • BE for acids and alkalis,
  • F for formaldehydes,
  • K for ammonia,
  • HEPA for powders.
  • (A detailed list of products and quantities can be sent for validation of the choice of filter)

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Technical features

  • Dimensions : HxWxD 300 X 410 X 435 mm
  • Weight 25 kg
  • Volume flow 60 to 74 m3 / h
  • Noise level 49 dBA
  • Nominal voltage 230 V single phase - 50hZ
  • Collar Ø 75mm