Since 2004, Cyltec is member of the UNM 61 commission whose missions is to work on the standards of furniture for storage of hazardous products in partnership with all other european manufacturers. Cyltec is at the heart of standards and innovations.
The design of our products meets the needs of users for safety, convenience and respect for our environment.
In 2015, Cyltec initiated a certified quality approach. Since 2016, the company is certified ISO 9001 V2015. This reflects our permanent commitment to the quality of our products, our services, the relationship with our customers and our partners.
Louis Launay, founder of Cyltec is today Honorary member and administrator of Fabrilabo , Union Chamber of manufacturers and traders of laboratory equipment. Today Cyltec is committed within the 2 professional unions to share its experience and support the growth of our market .

Cyltec was created in 1989 by Louis Launay after an experience in property and people security (APAVE controls, access controls, safes and fireproof cabinets, etc.). Listening to the varied needs of customers, he decides to develop a range of safety cabinets for hazardous products and also offers tailor-made equipment.

This permanent relationship between customers expectations and Cyltec’s capacity for innovation is our DNA.

In 2018, Christophe Huvelin discovered the quality of Cyltec products by taking over the company. Today Louis LAUNAY accompanies it to ensure this transmission of know-how of more than 30 years and to continue to develop this range of safety cabinets for dangerous products.

2021 announces the launch of more than 70 new references.


1. The quality of the products, of our relationship with our customers and our partners:

All the products we design are checked in our factory. We are committed to manufacturing sustainable products to satisfy our customers and limit our ecological footprint. We have undertaken a quality approach to improve our process. All of our partners have been loyal for over 10 years and this long-term collaboration guarantees the quality of our products and services.

2. Respect for our commitments:

The loyalty and trust of our customers have built the reputation and image of Cyltec for more than 30 years. All our certifications are carried out by external and independent organizations.

3. Action for our internal and external environment:

Cyltec’s policy is to be part of a societal and environmental responsibility approach. Training, safety and personal development are a priority for management. Our ecological footprint is also part of this environmental approach : for example, all factory waste are recovered, recycled and traced by our partner Solution Recyclage.

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